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Cheat Codes

While playing the game, hold down the "CTRL" key and enter the following cheatcodes. Some of these codes apply to selected players.

Cheat Code - Granted Effect

broodjekroket - Get lots of money
mexicanosate - Get drugged
vlammetjes - Kill selected unit
shaslick - Get level 3 weapon
kipkorn - Pass out
kaassoufle - Warp to mouse pointer
patatmet - Never lose healthfrikandel - Get 1 leader + crew
frietjewaterfiets - Get 2 leaders + crew
bereklauw - Get out of uncongniuts
hamburger - Lose less health
frietspeciaal - Play as other team
frietjeoorlogmetuitjes - Play as police
stamppot - Win level
boerenkoolmetworst- Lose level

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