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Easy Points

Start a two player game and do not have a second player play the game. Throw a perfect game by striking out every batter. Save the game in the bottom of the 9th with two stikes and two outs. Finish the game, collect the points, and save options. Reload the saved game and repeat this as many times as needed to get an unlimited amount of points.

Weapons Unlocked Awarded If SA Rating Achieved On Level

Mission 1 CZ 2000 dual pistols
Mission 2 Micro uzi dual submachine guns
Mission 3 Silverballer silenced dual pistols
Mission 4 Magnum 500 dual pistols
Mission 5 Sawed-off shotgun dual
Mission 6 M4 Carbine Silenced assault rifle
Mission 7 SG220 .S dual pistols
Mission 8 MP5 silenced submachine gun
Mission 9 AK 74 Silenced assault rifle
Mission 10 GK 17 dual pistols
Mission 11 Micro uzi silenced dual submachine guns
Mission 12 PGM Silenced sniper rifle

Return To Life Again

You enter the black and white death sequence when your health bar is reduced to zero. You have only a few seconds of life left before you collapse to the ground, but there's a sneaky way to evade your impending demise. You return to life if you manage to score four consecutive headshots on four different enemies during the death sequence. Your health bar is replenished by only a small margin when you return to life like this, so quickly move out of harm's way.

Cheat Mode

Use a text editor to edit the "hitmancontracts.ini" file in the game folder. Add the following lines to the end of the file.

EnableCheats 1

Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: These codes are not entered at the console window.

Effect - Code

God mode - IOIRULEZ
Slow motion - IOISLO
Bomb - IOIER
Restore health - IOIHITLEIF
Boxing mode - IOIHITALI
Lethal charge - IOILEPOW
Gravity - IOIGRV
Nail Gun mode - IOINGUN
Mega Force mode - IOIPOWER
Boxing mode - IOIHITALI

The Bjarkhov Bomb: Humorous translations

Go inside of the submarine. There are some Russians wearing radiation suits working on the dirty bomb. The translation of what they are saying are the following four phrases:

"Careful! Are you trying to kill us?"
"I hate this frozen wasteland."
"Thank God there were 2 boxes of vodka on the plane this morning."
"Help me a little."

See Lee Hong

In the level Asylum Aftermath, once you get the double Desert Eagles, keep going forward through the second set of doors until you get to the last tank with a body in it, then look to the right and there is a tank with Lee Hong written on it.

Reflection Ghost

When playing The Meat King's Party look at the loading screen of the slaughter house. You should see a faint skull. This skull is also on the pinball machines in Rotterdam Rendezvous.

Master Key

In the level "Traditions of the Trade" when you are on the 3rd floor you will eventually see a vacuum boy. When he opens a door to vacuum the room, go to the door and pick up the master key. You should then have access to most doors.

Getting the M60 Early

On the level "Deadly Cargo," it is possible to get the M60. If you don't get it here, you will have to wait until the 2nd to last level. Make your way to where the SWAT sniper is, on the building overlooking the ship. After the SWAT team attacks the ship, a helicopter will begin circling the area. If you shoot the gunner on the ship, he will fall to the ground with his M60. Make sure that you assassinate the target first and you kill the gunner while the helicopter is over a land area that you can reach.

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