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Various Cheats

IWILLCHEAT (enable cheats)
fastloadgame (quick random mission)
cantdie (player doesn't take bullet hits)
allloot (gives you all the stuff you need)
missionover (successfully completes current mission)
bluestars (wonder what this does...?)


First, enter "iamcheater" at any opening screen or menu. Enter the following codes during gameplay. If entered correctly, you will hear a clicking sound.

NOTE: These cheats have been known not to work with patched version 1.1. You can try typing "iwillcheat" instead of "iamcheater" to get some of the codes to work.

Code Result
quickload Load Saved Game
nohits God Mode
goodhealth 100% Health
openalldoor Open All Doors
allitems All Items Available
killthemall Kills All Enemies
showtheend Show End Movie
gamedone Complete Current Mission
gamefail Fail Current Mission
resurrect Bring Team Members Back to Life
funnyhead Big Head Mode
enemyf View Enemy
debugdrawvolumes Wire Mode
debugdrawwire Wire Mode
playercoords Your Current Position
laracroft Alternate Uniforms

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