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Display full map

Type mapsco in map mode.

Display full map and objects

Type mapscomapsco in map mode.

Change class

Type shadowcaster to change class to the corresponding number. Enter a class number of 0 for a warrior, 1 for a cleric, or 2 for a mage.

Level select

Type visit to jump to the corresponding level. Type visit41 to jump to the secret level.

Instant death

Type martek three times.

Select CD music

Select the "CD Music" option under music setup. Type ~ to play the corresponding track number from the Hexen CD or any audio CD. Note: This only works in the CD version of the game.


Press the button above the Tab key and next to the 1 button to bring up a menu. Then type in god and press enter. A message should come up saying godmode on. press the ~ button to exit the menu. You now will not die. *Note* typing in god again will deactivate godmode.

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