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Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [Tab] and type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Level upnwcquigon
Hero gains 999 mana and all spellsnwcmidichlorians
Hero gains Archangelsnwcpadme
Hero gains Black Knightsnwcdarthmaul
Hero gains all buildingsnwccoruscant
Hero gains all battle machinesnwcr2d2
Hero gains money and resourcesnwcwatto
Hero gains massive movementnwcpodracer
Display Obelisk Mapnwcprophecy
Display Terrain Mapnwcrevealourselves

Power Ups

During the game ,press Tab and type:

nwctim-gives all majic and 999 spell points
nwcgeneraldirection- lets you see the entire map.
nwcalreadygotone- Showes all the secret items on the map.
nwctrojanrabbit- Instanty win the scenario
nwcantioch- Gives your hero a tent,ballista and ammo
nwcfleshwound- Gives your hero a death night
nwcigotbetter-adds a leval to your hero
nwccoconuts-gives unlimited move points
nwccastleathrax-gives max luck
nwcmuchrejoicing-gives max morale

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