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911 Win Scenario
1313 Lose Scenario
32167 Add 5 Black Dragon
875309 Retire entire map
1234567890 More Luck

Upgrade town to max

Bring up chat menu and type nwconlyamodel.

Command Line Cheat

/NWC: A useful cheat that will access the game's debugger. With it you can give your hero extra mobility, free spells, free resources, free creatures, and allow you to select secondary skills. This cheat is NOT typed during the game. It is typed after the line HEROES2W.EXE as an extension (it will look like "HEROES2W.EXE /NWC".) Under Windows 95, you can create a shortcut to Heroes II and under Properties option, change the executable to read HEROES2W.EXE /NWC.

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