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Various Cheats

During gameplay press F12 to bring up the console then enter a code below:

Code - Result

rubber - Get rubber
coal - Get coal
steel - Get steel
manpower - More men
oil - Get oil
supplies - 500 supplies
escorts - more escorts
nuke - 1 nuke
war - everyone wants war
nowar - AI doesn't want war
di - Diplomatic influence set to 500
nolimit - troop building limits gone
norevolts - AI revolt toggle
nofog - Fog of war toggle
handsoff - Auto event pause toggle
difrules - Invincibility toggle
fullcontrol - control all nations toggle
showid - province ID toggle
event 1013 - More industrial capacity
transports - More transports

Random Events

To use the cheats below, open up the chat log by pressing F12, and then type in the code. The random events that happen can be manually triggered by typing in "event ????", where the question marks are a number. For example, "event 1011" is when a scientist defects to your country. Note: Some of the events do bad things to your nation, such as worker strikes. Some examples:

event 1017: Outlaw Fascism (Fascism+15,Communism-5/Fascism-5,Communism+15)
event 1016: Outlaw Communism (Fascism+15,Communism-5/Fascism-5,Communism+15)
event 1015: Rogue Politician (dissent up/down + minister dies)
event 1014: Rogue Politician (dissent up/down)
event 1013: Private initiative (IC up)
event 1012: Breakthrough in research. (1 technology is discovered)
event 1011: Leading Scientist defects to your country (steal technology)
event 1010: Industry sabotaged (IC -1)
event 1009: Artist records epic song (dissent -3)
event 1008: Major worker strike (IC down)
event 1007: War Refugees (manpower +30)
event 1006: Private sector nationalized (IC up)
event 1005: Military parade (supplies -100, dissent -5)
event 1004: Female labor force (manpower +100)
event 1003: Youth movement (manpower +100)
event 1002: Women donate materials (supplies +200)
event 1001: War Hero criticizes War (dissent +5, 1 leader?s loyalty -4)
event 1000: Research sabotaged ( 1 research fails)

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