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Cheat Codes

While playing, type any of the following codes:

Cheat Code - Effect

HarryTriggerCheat - Unknown effect
HarryKoresh - Unknown effect
HarrySuperKoresh - Unknown effect
HarryKorWalk - Unknown effect
HarryDebugModeOn - Enable Debug Mode, All Levels (F7 to Turn Off)
HarryGetsFullHealth - Max Health
HarrySuperJump - Super Jump
HarryNormalJump - Big Jump

Level select

Enable the harrydebugmodeon code, then return to the main menu.

Bertie Bott Beans

Collect the following amount of Bertie Bott beans to unlock an item behind a portrait at Hogwarts.

50 Yellow Beans: Nimbus Two Thousand
70 Blue Beans : Glove for Quidditch
80 Green Beans: Card
100 Red Beans: Advanced Flipendo

Cheat mode (alternate)

Type harrydebugmodeon during game play to enable debug mode. Then, press ~ during game play and type set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true to activate special cheat mode. Note: Enter the set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true code every time after the game tells you the level goal (for example, "Attend Herbology class on the Hogarts grounds"). Press ~ and type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect - Code

Harry is weightless; disabled when using wand - fly
Harry goes through walls; do not use wand - ghost
Disable fly and ghost codes - walk
Set how fast Harry runs - setspeed
Set friction; 0 is sliding, 10 is default - setfriction <0-10>
Give Harry indicated number of Beans - givebeans
Award indicated number o Gryffindor points - givehousepoints
Get indicated number of Fireseeds - giveseeds
Get all Wizard cards (except for secret one) - giveallcards
Get indicated number of challenge stars set baseharry - numstars
Kill everything (or just Harry) killall harry
Quit game - quit

Avoid fighting Malfoy or Peeves

When you are near the locations that you have to fight them, use the harrysuperjump code. He will go out the door if you are at the location where Malfoy is at, or he will get the chocolate frog and you can just keep walking in both locations.

Jump through trees

in the caves/forest where you have to knock over the tree near the waterfall, enable the harrysuperjump code on the place you are standing and you will jump through the trees.

Skip potions

To skip the potions part altogether, simply step in the doorway and enable the harrysuperjump code. You will get almost all the way to the doorway. There will be no dialogue and no fire in the doorway -- simply walk through.

Find characters for scenes

If you are at the place where Ron, Malfoy, his friends, and Nevil Longbottom are but they did not appear, use the harrysuperjump code. He will jump past the location. Turn around to see Malfoy, Ron, Nevil and Malfoys friends just standing there but not talking. You may also see Professor Magonigil over by the way to Hagrid's hut. However, do not go in the forest. Use the harrysuperjump code then turn around and she will be standing there, but also will not talk.

More house points

Enable the harrydebugmodeon code, then go to the main menu. Click on "Level Select", then complete an easy level such as Flying Lessons to get more points.

Invisible Voldemort

This trick only works for a certain amount of time. When you are at the location immediately before you have to fight Voldemort, use the harrysuperjump code to land on top of the roof. When you jump down on the right, you can walk of near the mirror and he will start talking to you. When he says "Die Potter", you will walk back and he will then walk back to the mirror and continue correctly.

Scatter potions

When you get to the potions, hold [Space] during the entire dialogue and the potion shuffle. The potions will scatter.

Easy level completion

Enable the harrydebugmodeon code, then press [F2] to [F6] to get to places closest to the end.

Treasure chests in Incendeo challenge

Cast Incendeo on all the Spikey bushes. Then, climb up on the hedges and jump down to find treasure chests.

Quidditch League

While playing the game, type in "harrygetsabroomstick" If that dosen't work, type in "harrygetsabroom". When the code is entered, go to the main screen click on Quiditch and it should be open.

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