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Get Past The Basilisk Easily

If you have any Wiggenweld Healing Potion before you face the Basilisk, drink enough of them to fill all your Stamina bars. It makes it a lot easier to kill the snake.

Moaning Myrtlye's Bathroom

In Moaning Myrtlye's bathroom Myrtle hovers past a bathroom door. As she passes it, the door will open for a moment. (Like in the movie when she mentions she died in the toilet right after she unlocks the door for a boy to tell him to leave) Run over and climb up on the toilet seat and then jump up on the top of the tank. You can now jump to climb up on top of the stall. You should try turning off auto-jump for this as it may not work otherwise. Now that you are standing on top of the stall, jump from one stall to the next casting spells on each toilet. Collect your prizes. Directly across from this row of stalls is another row of stalls. To get over there you must, first, be on top of the stall that you started from (when Myrtle hovered past the door opens). Jump from the highest point here, to the highest point of the stall directly across from Harry. Repeat this process of shooting out toilets on this side of the bathroom as well. If you fall attempting this you must wait for Myrtle to open the door again.


After you have seen the dueling seen you can duel for other people's beans. The way you can duel is on some free time, go down to the Entrance Hall, if you are coming in from outside than go to the door on the right but if you are coming down the stairs than go to the door on the left. Pretend you are going to the Great Hall and stop right in front of the door. Turn to your left and you will see a boy standing there. Go and talk to him and he will offer to duel with you fo a certain amount of beans. You will work your way up to the best person. The easy way to beat them is to let them shoot a spell at you then move before it hits you about five times. Then shoot rictusempra at them. They might use expelliarmus to defend them selfs that means you have to move. If you get five-hundred beans you can go and buy Quidditch armor from George. Then you can earn more beans again.

Easy Bertie Blotts Every Flavor Beans

When you exit of the Gryffindor Tower notice the object in the corner. Hit it with Flipendo and three Beans will appear. Go around the corner and walk at least three steps away. Return and cast Flipendo again to get three more Beans. Repeat this to get as many Beans as needed.

Use the Nimbus 2000 Broomstick and fly above Hogwarts. Fly through the rings to get free Beans. A blue ring gives 10 Beans, a yellow ring gives 1 Bean, a red ring gives 3 Beans and a green ring gives 2 Beans.

When you go outside of Hogwart's, go to the tree where you walk through a long hallway and Flapendo it to get as many Beans as needed.

Less Damage

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "defuser.ini" file in the "ea gamesharry potter and the chamber of secretssystem" folder. Scroll down to the end of the file to find the following text.

You can change the values of "fDamageMultiplier_Easy", "fDamageMultiplier_Medium" or "fDamageMultiplier_Hard" (depending on the level you have selected) to 0.1 to get less damage.

Easy way to Defeat Aragog

Heres's an easy way to beat Aragog without getting hurt. When you enter the place where Aragog is, there will be shinning blue/purple pillers against the wall. Cast a spell at a piller and it will shatter causing a couple of big spiders will appear. After stunning the spiders they will disapper. Repeat this until all the pillars are gone. Then Aragog will come down. When he gets down, run sideways one way and keep attacking him. He wont be able to attack you.

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