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Cheat mode

Enter the "Controls" option at the game launch screen and reconfigure the joystick. Select any button and change its value to "God Hanger". Begin game play and press the reconfigured button to reach a hanger that contains various weapons, items, and money. Note: Your Moth will be targeted when game play is resumed.

Swallow Moth

The Swallow Moth cannot be purchased -- it must be found. There are empty Swallows at Highrise Construction (Highrise), Riverside Construction (Riverside), Waterfront Booze (Riverside) and Alpha Construction (Alpha). Note: Swallows only appear in v2.01 and higher of the game.


To make loads of money without getting tired fingers, enter your name as Admin (case sensitive). When in a hangar, press O to open the Terminal Interface, and type blag cash,. Example: blag cash,1000000. You can also get the Swallow Moth by doing this. To do this, type blag moth,8.

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