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Cheat Mode

Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Effect - Code

Press [Asterisk] for all weapons - deathtoall
Level select - flashmotor
Level select - super well
Get Out Of Jail Free card - travelcard
Unlimited lives - 6661970
No police - tithead or iamfilth
10x multiplier - iamgod
999,999,999 points - averyrichman
All items - uaintnuffin
Press horn to change car colors - psychadelic
Turn off police radio - silence
Shoot from car - driveby
Lots of codes - herc
Debug mode - rommel
Unlimited lives, press [Asterisk] for all weapons - asawindow

Go under fences

Park a HGV next to a fence. Face the fence and press [Space] to crawl under the bus and then under the fence. Note: You can not get back out unless there is a opening or an HGV to use the same trick on.

Slow motion

Hold [Alt] for slow motion.

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