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Special Level

Find all GTA 2 Shields and you can play the 3.Special Level.

Guided Tour

Go to the phone at the beginning of the first level. A "Schmidt" car will appear below. Enter it and wait for instructions. After finishing the tour, a machine gun and a GTA2 sign will appear below the church.

Wang Cars Bonus

Get all eight Wang cars to get a fire truck that shoots both fire and water; 4 Furor GTs (one with 50 machine guns, two with 50 mines and one with 50 oil slicks), a tank with 20 rockets, a special agent car with 50 machine guns, and an armed land roamer with 20 military machine gun rounds.

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following names before starting a level to activate the corresponding cheat function:

God mode [Note 1]LIVELONG
All weapons with full ammoGODOFGTA
Free shoppingEATSOUP
People more aggressiveBUCKFAST
$500,000 [Note 2]MUCHCASH

Note 1: Can still be arrested. Note 2: Save the game, exit, then resume to gain an additional $500,000 as long as your name remains the same.

Special Level

Find all GTA 2 Shields and you can play the 3.Special Level.

More cheats

Enter your name as one of the following to activate the corresponding cheat function: NOTE: Some codes may only work on the U.S. version while others on the U.K. version. You may first have to enter your name as GOURANGA before other codes will work properly.

yakuzadeathGod Mode
rsjabberGod Mode
livelongGod Mode (Can Still Be Arrested)
blastboyAll Weapons
navaroneAll Weapons
losefedsNo Police
desiresMaximum Wanted Level
highfive5x Multiplier
bigscore10 Million Points
beefcakeIncreased Brutality
gorefestIncreased Gore
iamasuckerAll Levels, Weapons; God Mode
coolboyIncreased Cash
muchcashIncreased Cash ($500000)
forallgtAll Weapons
godofgtaAll Weapons and Ammo
bemeallAll Cities
ukgamerAll Cities
elvis is hereNo Police
meatmanHamster Runs Across Screen
itsallupLevel Select
no frillsDebug Basic Scripts
eatsoupFree Shopping
wugglesDisplay Coordinates
tumyfrogAll Bonus Levels
cutie199 Lives
buckfastRiot Mode
arsestarKeep All Weapons After Being Arrested
voltfestUnlimited Electrical Gun
flameonUnlimited Flame Gun

Get an Easy Accuracy Bonus

To easily get an Accuracy Bonus, first get a weapon - any weapon will do. Knock any person down (ie: punch them). While they're down shoot them and when they get up dying, shoot them again and you'll get an Accuracy Bonus. Keep repeating until you get millions.

Fly in the sky

Simply go to the building's roof or any stairs, select your throwing weapon(for example grenade) & then jump & quickly press your shoot button to throw your grenade, you don't throw anything but you fly & you can use it to escape from the police.

Gangsters's War

Do all jobs for all bosses in each mission, then you forced to kill bosses. Very fun mission, but be sure you have enough weapons & ammo to kill them.

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