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Type the next codes as name player

6031769 = unlimited lives
buckfast = push * for all weapons
hate machine = more points
iamthelaw = no police
itcouldbeyou = maximum score
itsgallus = all levels and city's
itsstantrum = unlimited lives
nineinarow = all levels and city's
porkcharsui = diagnostic mode
stevesmates = no police
super well = all levels and city's


DAVESWORLD-you die a bad death

Extra Swearing

Press delete on any player's name and type in iamgarypenn
note1:to disable swearing completley type iamnotgarypenn instead of iamgarypenn
note2:it must be typed the way i have written it (without capitals or any spacing).

All Weapons

Type, "suckmyrocket" to obtain all the weapons.

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