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Edit Abilities

Inside the Console, type the command: "edit abilities" - this will bring up a menu of all your character's attributes. List are "lp" which is skill points, "xp" which is experience points, "xp_next" which is how many experience points you need to hit your next level, "level" which is your current level, "voice_pitch" which is the main character's vocal pitch, and "guild" which is set numerically to represent which faction you currently represent. Note to US players: To type an underscore, hit Shift-?

Cheat Codes

Always make a backup copy before making any changes. Open the file 'gothic.ini' with any text editor, and change 'bbloodDetail' from 1 to 3 for Blood Mode. Also, change test mode from 0 to 1 to activate the ingame cheats:

F2 - Console

cheat god - God Mode
cheat full - Health

H - Hurt Yourself
K - Vanish in the Ground
Z - Spin Around

F3 - Windows Mode
F4 - Normal Mode
F5 - Immobile Camera
F6 - Mobile Camera
F7 - Cycle Through Game Sections
F8 - Health/Mana Refresh

God Mode and Full Health

Press "S", then type "Marvin" and press "S" again. If you do this right you will get Marvin in the upper left hand corner. You may now press [F2] to bring up the console. Type (cheat god) for god mode. Type (cheat full) for health.

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