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Cheat Codes

Press the Keypad Enter key to get the console then enter a code below. Press Esc to exit the console.

Code - Effect

Refill - Refill ammo
autowin - Finished the level
god - Get struck down
ammo - Infinite ammo
superman - Can't die
teamsuperman - Team Can't die
shadow - Can't see you
teamshadow - Can't see team
chickenrun - Turn gernade's into chickens
Help - Shows all commands/cheats
listcmds - Same as help
autolose - Does what it says
cisco - Wins with a dog bark
eviltwin - Makes everyone look funny
names - Shows names of everyone in the game no matter where they are
rumbleon/rumbleoff - Earthquake mode on/off
Rock - All your base's are belong to us
squirrelkite - Turns grenade's to squirrels
run - Makes you walk fast and run even faster
boom - Makes the world shake once
reticule - When you put your reticule over a person or object (including doors, cars, tanks), it shows the name of the item and how far it is away
mark - Marks your current position
mark2 - Marks your current position
teleport - Teleport to mark
unlockhero - Unlocks the hero for the current mission
quit -Quit's the game
journalplaystart - Starts playing of record
journalplaystop - Stops playing of record
journalrecordstart - Starts recording of game
journalrecordstop - Stops recording of game
loc - Shows current location
listtypes - Does what it says
listvars - Does what it says
perf - Shows a lot of stats
range - Shows range of people when you move your mouse over them
toggleAi - Toggle's AI
showmotions - Kind of works like a giant sensor, just not as good
togglemovetrees - Makes tree stands still, again makes them move
hidecorpse - Hide corpse
hidegamecounter - Hide gamecounter
showframecounter - Show framecounter
showgamecounter - Show gamecounter
setgama ### - Set's the gama level (replace ### with digits)

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