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If you take a free kick, a corner or a goalkick

ALT - Turn the ball to the right
CTRL - Turn the ball to the left

If the ball is in the air

Press A : fast pass on a teammate. Hold S: fast header. Hold D: a fast shot on goal.

If the opponent has the ball

ALT or CTRL and Q: push the opponent away and kick him.

If your team has the ball

ALT or CTRL and one of the keys: A, S, D, Q, W, E = feints.

Players with big heads

At the main screen, you press modify, and then modify players. Erase a name and change it into 'eac rocks'.
Then, press enter. A little screen will show. Press the red little ball.

Take a dive

In the main menu select 'Customize Squad'. Then select 'Player Edit'. Erase who ever's name is in the name box and type in johnnyatomic. Then press Enter. In the box that will appear, check the red blob and get rid of the box. Then go back to the main menu and play a game. In stadium select, press the key F5 and check the red blob. Get rid of the box and play a game. During gameplay, when your team has the ball, double tap e and the player will fall down. Most of the time the Referee will award a free kick.

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