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Cheat Codes

Type at the Main Menu:

Cheat - Granted wish

Lightsout - Players are Radioactive When Lights are Off
Dizzy - Aliens Come From the Sky
Gimmethemoney - Add Money
Playersmaybe - Free Players
Bigheads - Big Head Mode
Playersarelocked - Players of opposite Team cannot move


If you find yourself having trouble scoring goals after awhile, change up your lines and strategies. A constant variety throws the computer off.

Unless you love red cards, don't overuse the power slide.

Don't be afraid to utilize the game's variety of kicks for all their effectiveness; sometimes a goal-shot-strength kick is all you need to clear the ball out of your goal area.

Score Every Shot

Create your own team, call it Dreamers. Then give 2 of the players names *everyshot* and *isagoal*. And every shot that you do with that team will be a goal.

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