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Cheat Modes

Launch the game with these command-line parameters to activate cheat modes:

-mumford - Hodspodkins Mode
-whostayedlate - Rockhard Mode
-whostayedlateagain - EasterEgg Mode

"C:Expendgo.exe" -whostayedlate

Easter Eggs

To enable these codes, first activate Easter Egg mode as shown under "Cheat Codes". During the game enter cheats using the following format:

[-] cheat [-]

Where [-] is the keypad minus key and "cheat" is a string from the list below.

Effect Code
Backward view - bucketofchicken
Disable Cheat mode - bing
Enable Cheat mode - bod
Extra credits - babapapa
Extra lives - crystaltips
God mode - zippy
Grenade boost - albertofrog
Level skip - mrbenn

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