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Video Game Cheats, Codes, Walk-Throughs, and Hints/Guides for Doom 2 - MyCheatSite test


Video Game Cheats, Codes, Walk-Throughs, and Hints/Guides for Doom 2

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More Codes

IDDQD = God Mode
IDKFA = All Guns/Ammo/Keys
IDCLIP = Clipping (Walk Through Walls)


Type in IDCLEV## (##) Means put in a number from 01-30 levels 31 and 32 are hidden.

Lots of Codes

Iddqd=God Mode
Idclip=Walk through walls
Idkfa=All weapons and keys
Idfa=Add Ammo
Idchoppers=Get a chainsaw
Idmus=(Level Number) Changes music to that
levels music
Idbehold=Press these when you type that in
I=for invisible
A=for all map
V=for a green face bonus
S=for beserk destroys almost anything w1 punch
L=for the lights

Good Cheats


Invincibility: IDDQD
Temp Invincibility: IDBEHOLDV
Partial Invisibility: IDBEHOLDI
Radiation Suit: IDBEHOLDR
Super Strength: IDBEHOLDS
Level Jump: IDCLEV + 1-32
Music Choose: IDMUS + 1-32
Make Full Map: IDDT
Make Full Map plus Items: IDDT (twice)
Ammo; Armor; Health; Keys: IDKFA
Ammo; Armor; Health: IDFA
Walk through walls: IDCLIP

To kill all monsters in the level type: FHHALL
To make yourself invisible to monsters utill you make the first shot type: FHSHH

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