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Type SOS in the game.

Dupe An Item

Here's how to dupe an item without any hacking:

1. Use Town portal.
2. Set any item in front of the portal.
3. Click with the mouse on the item and step through the portal.
4. When you reach the town the item will be in your inventory.
5. Go back through the portal and the item will be where you left it.

Copy an item

1. place item you want duplicated on th ground.
2. walk away, straight line if possible.
3. with inventory closed and a potion in your belt, click on item.
4. the moment it is picked up click on the potion.
5. drop the potion, if this is done right, it should be a copy of the item.
6. this will take awhile to perfect, but its well worth the trouble.

The Needleer

After you have gotten Odgin's Sign, give it to the fallen ones. Then a lot of fallen ones will attack you. Kill them all and look around the ground for The Needleer which is a crossbow.

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