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Command-Line Cheats

Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat function.

/?Command Line Help
/sEnable Save Scores Mode
/p [filename]Playback Demo
/r Record Demo
/dRead Resources from Directory

Cheat Codes

To use these cheats press the ~ button during gameplay then type in the code of your choice below (All of these codes are single player only but turbo works in multiplayer):

Code: Effect
turbo: makes better graphics at the expense of game speed
sunandsteel: Reload all weapons
diewithyourbootson: Unlimited ammo
thetrooper: Invincibility
stilllife: Invisibility
revelations: 8 laser designator shots

Rapid Fire

Enter by pressing ~ type kill faster now press enter to activate this cheat. To use rapid fire you probably want to switch to a grenade launcher,nades,laws etc. Now you will be able to fire fast.

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