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camera set fox#-foxcam
dh2tracker-shows deeron map and GPS
dh2shoot-puts you in shooting range of nearest deer
dh2honey-attracts deer to your location
dh2circle-attaches you to a deer
dh2sightin-sights in your weapon without target range
dh2doolittle-you won't spook deer
camera set deer1-deercam,The number is for different deer
camera set player-look throught the eyes of the hunter
camera set crow#-crowcam
dh2flash-Makes you run fast
dh2supaflash-makes you run very fast
dh2thunder-makes it thunder
dh2light-makes it lightning
dh2rain-makes it rain
dh2snow-makes it snow
dh2blizzard-cycles weather more quickly
dh2deerzilla-giant deer!

More Codes

dh2 weatherstop-Stops rain/snow
dh2bandolier-Never have to reload
dh2swig-Keeps gun from wobbling
dh2shoedeal-Hunter never runs out of breath
dh2baddream-Bullets are very slow (challenging)

More codes

dh2bulletcam - Camera follows bullets
dh2friday13 - more blood from wounded deer
dh2showsights - show weapon sightin status
dh2caddyshack - walk around in target range
dh2target 1 - turn into one of the tragets in range
dh2supatracker - show animals on map, shows which are dead and which are alive
dh2sidewind - player walks towards deer

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