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Free troops

Build a missile silo and wait until a missile is ready to be launched. Sell the silo and immediately launch the missile. When timed correctly, the sale will be aborted and men will exit the silo.

Soviet strategy

This strategy works well against the Allies. Build about five Demolition trucks and five Telsa tanks. Send the Demolition tanks to an enemy base and spread them out so that they do not destroy each other. Place the Telsa tanks back, away from the demolition trucks. When the CPU starts sending units to attack, they should run into the demolition trucks and start shooting them. Sit back and watch them blow up and get fried at the same time.

Ore truck defense

If infantry are attacking your ore truck, simply use the ore truck to crush them.

Making cruisers accurate

Cruisers will miss when firing at something in the distance. Hold [Ctrl] and click to force them to fire on the ground and a little above the target.

Cruisers without protection

Cruisers can fire at water-vehicles by force firing on the target. However, it will not do as much damage as if normal target was attacked.

Tanks vs. spy

Although you may think your spy is safe if no dogs are present, tanks are still dangerous. They will not shoot at your spy, but will instead try to crush him.

Saving units

If you are under attack by enemies that are coming by bridge, transport, APC, or Chinook, destroy them quickly to cut them off.

Naval Conflict

On the skirmish level Naval Conflict, you can choose any difficulty setting. The enemy runs out of ore too fast because they are on a small inland. They can be easily defeated with missile subs and many bases.

Low power strategy

When you have low power, your defense (Turret, Flame Tower, Pillbox, etc.) can still function. But structures such as Tesla Coils, AA Guns, and Radar Domes will go offline. Your radar will not appear until the power is back to normal. However, your other structures will still build or repair depending on how much power is available to you; the less power, the slower the construction.

Killing multiple grenadiers/flamethrowers

When attacked by a group of flamethrowers or grenadiers, just kill a few of them to set off a chain reaction that will kill the rest.

Almost 30 units in one sea transport

Build 5 APCs and fill them to the maximum with any desired infantry unit. After filling all 5 APCs with the units, place them in the sea-going transport. You have almost 30 units in only one transport.

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