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Cheat Codes

Create new driver profiles, enter any tag, and then these words as name:

Cheat Code - Granted Wish

evilevo - Access the Mitsubishi Lancer Alternatives
morrismode - Escort MK1 Car
gofasterstripes - Faster Cars
garywildass - Ford Puma Car
onecarefulowner - All Cars
offroad - Lancer Road Car
nuttynets - Agressive Cars
allthebuttons - All Cars
greatnews - All Tracks
minime - Mini Cooper S Car
jobinitaly - Mini Cooper
jimmyscar - Sierra Cosworth
turnontheice - Background Music
boingboingboing - Bouncer Mode
waveyourlefts - Reverse Tracks
wheelybig - Monster Tires
shinybuttons - Shiny Cars
curryforme - Turbo Boost
bouncybouncybouncy - Reduced Gravity
eatthis - Fireball (Press Handbrake to Activate)
coolestcar - Ford Puma
letmewin - All Options

Cat Silhouette

Enter HELLO RAZU AND FLEA at the cheat options screen.

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