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Take control of National Teams

1) Choose Add Manager.
2) In the team option, choose 'Choose from the list'.
3) Click on any team.
4) Click on an English player in the team.
5) Click on England in the player's profile.
6) Click on 'Take control'.
7) You will then be appointed as the National Team's manager without the need to earn it.
8) The same trick can be done for any league and any country.

Buy any player for free

1) Firstly, you have to get his club to accept your bid.
2) To achieve this, either make a very high bid (many times his market value) that the club cannot reject ; alternatively, you could make an enquiry and accept the club's demands in return.
3) When his club allows you to negotiate his contract, click to offer him a contract.
4) While in the contract screen, click news on the left toolbar option (Do not click the back arrow). Click on that player's name and withdraw your bid.
5) Re-bid for free or whatever amount you wish.
6) Click the back arrow on the left toolbar this time back to the screen where you are discussing his contract details.
7) Offer him a reasonable contract.
8) When he accepts your contract, he joins your club on a free transfer (or any amount that you re-bid for).

Increase your wage structure without the approval of your board

This trick allows you to offer a much higher pay for a particular staff without requesting from your board. For instance, to comply with a scout/coach's request which is higher than your board's maximum wage structure for scout/coach position. This trick works mainly for scouts and coaches as their wage structure is usually lower than assistant managers. For a scout or coach:

1) Click 'Approach to sign'.
2) Change his default position from scout/coach to Assistant Manager.
3) Reduce the wage you are offering to zero.
4) Click offer contract.
5) A few days later, there will be news that he has rejected your offer.
6) Click 'Approach to sign' again.
7) You will find his default position has been changed to Assistant Manager with a simultaneous significant increase in the wage allowed to offer him.
8) Click the maximum or whatever he requested and offer him a scout/coach posistion.

Please note that this trick allows you to increase your wage structure to sign most scouts or coaches but it is is dependent on your club's wage structure for an Assistant Manager.

Get a player for free

If you are a team like Newcastle, Everton or some team like that and you want a player like Raul make sure that at the create game screen you select spain and other countries that have got good teams.
Firstly, you now the good player you want.
Then, you add a manager to the team the player plays for
After that, go to the player you want with the big team manager click actions then fine his wages for 2 weeks then click transfer status click on the team do not wish to loan this player ,the player is not needed by the team,then go to offer to club s then click all human clubs.
Go to the wee team manager the click continue game then you will get news for the player the click yes or you can change the price then click on continue game then hopefully it should say something like the player wants 40000 a week and signing on fee of 500000 or somthing like that then you have got your player sometimes it dosn't work then try again

Wicked Forward

Buy Hastelbank from chelsea he is *bleep*in leathal ,he scores every game

A good player

Buy Jerome Thomas from Arsenal, he just got 8 man of the matches in a row for me!

A very good striker

I found this young striker at the start, not sure which club he plays for, but he is good, averages 1.9 goals for 45 matches he had played for me in the second season, which comes to about 80++ goals in 1 season.
Not very good in the first season, but still whacks in 27 goals in 40 games. Can be bought at a price of 2.5-4 million. And his value within 3 seasons will shoot up to around 19-23 million. Worth every cent spent on him. And he was only 17 years of age when i bought him, a veri promising forward. Advisable to loan him out for 1 seasons, and the only problem is his work permit, same for alot of players, but just appeal and it will be accepted. This player is none other than
"ANATOLI TODOROV", many people may not know him, but he is good.

Fitness Tip

Before you play a match you may want to check your players condition. NEVER EVER play anyone with condition less than 85%.

Class Players

These are some class players to buy:

John Arne Riise (Liverpool) LB
Carlo Cudicini (Chelsea) GK
Thomas Hitzlsperger (Aston Villa) RCM
Damien Duff (Blackburn Rovers) LM
Rafael Van der Vaart (Ajax) RM
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) RCM
Gilberto Silva (Arsenal) LCM
Harry Kewell (Leeds) LM
Steve Finnan (Fulham) RB
Neil Mellor (liverpool) CF

They may start out bad but play them a lot and they will become CLASS !

Great Player

A great player to sign for lower league teams is "Tijjani Babangida". He's available on free transfer at the start and in the first two seasons his average rating has been well over nine.

Good Players

Here are some good players for all teams:


I have bought them for these prices and after one season all of them had value more tha 8 million!! TRY THESE PLAYERS ! TRUST ME !

Mint Striker !

At the beginning of the season go to quick search and enter MIDO he is 18 and plays for AJAX and is a mint striker and scores nearly every game.

Offer ?8.25 then the bid has to be accepted because it meets an active release fee clause.

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