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Good Player List

Player Name - Squad

Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Ajax
Javier Saviola - Barcelona
Catanha - Celta
Kennedy Bakircioglu - Hammarby
Stefan Ishizaki - AIK

Note: These players start of at the club listed when you start a new game.

Restart Game

Sometimes you really wish you could restart the game from your last save and redo a match. The only way to do this is to press Alt+Tab to minimize the game. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and close the program. Repeat this and wait. Then when it says Champ Manager is not responding, restart and you can start from your last save.

Restart Game 2

There is another less complicated way to restart the game after a bad game. Just click on options and click restart game save it as a different name then go on delete game and delete the one wich had a bad game, then go on restore game and go on the one wich you went on before.

Good Players

Excellent Players to buy:

Rafael Van Der Vaart - Ajax Amsterdam
Jonas Lunden - IFK Goteborg(U Can Get This Player For Free At the Start Of A New Game)
Shaun Maloney - Glasgow Celtic
Taribo West - Bosman At start Of A New Game
Mark Kerr - Falkirk (But U Have To Be Quick At The Start Of A New Game As Other Teams Are Interested)
Ebbe Sand - Shalke 04
Emile Mpenza - Shalke 04

Buy Almost Any Player

If you want a player but either the club does not want to release him or he likes the club, take over the club he plays for as another manager. Then discipline him twice and allow the transfer to go through.

Win Every Game

Check which team your playing. Then go to options and add manager to that team (it needs to be in a league you've selected). When matchday comes check your other team NOT the one you picked at the start of the game thats the one you want to win. Put all teir players at the edges of the pitch and you'll win.Then end your career.

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