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Cheat mode

During gameplay, type debugup to enable Cheat Mode. Dinosaurs will ignore you unless shot and while running hold Ctrl to run faster.

Remove 3-D objects

In "cheat mode" hold shift and press M release. Repeat to turn back on.

Slow motion

In "cheat mode" hold shift and press S to activate code then release. Repeat to turn off.

Fly Mode

While in "cheat mode" hold shift and press the L key. You can also press ctrl to move faster in the air. Repeat code to turn off.

How To Kill The T-Rex

Carnivores is a pretty easy game till it comes down to the T-Rex. If you though using cheats to kill him would be super easy, then think again. The only way to kill a T-Rex is to shoot him in the eye. The only weapon you can use that has the capability of an exact precise shot would be the sniper rifle. I used cheat mode to fly, cause' if you get anywhere near him on the ground, then your toast.

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