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Multiple Codes

These Codes must be typed at a COMPLETE STOP!
Codes will not work if you have a cheat allready enabled!
You may not have any power-up that you got from the game (IE a green box)

Name of Powerup-----------------What to type
Bodywork Trashed----------------CLANGCLANG
Completes the race--------------SMARTBASTARD
Credit Bonus--------------------WETWET
Drink Driving-------------------EVENINGOCCIFER
Ethereal Pedestrians------------XRAYSPEKS
Explosive Pedestrians-----------TWATOFF
Free Repairs--------------------TINGTING
Greased Tyres-------------------WOTATWATAMI
Hot Rod-------------------------CLINTONCO
Lunar Gravity-------------------MOONINGMINNIE
Mine ShittingAbility------------DIDEDODI
Mutant Corpses------------------STIFFSPASMS
Mutant tail thing---------------BIGDANGLE
Opponent Repulsificator---------POWPOW
Pedestrian Annihilator----------ZAZAZ
Pedestrian Electro-Bastard Ray--FRYINGTONIGHT
Pedestrians Flamethrower--------FRYFRY
Pedestrians on Map--------------DOTACTION
Pedestrian Panic----------------MRMAINWARING
Pedestrians With Stupid Heads---GOODHEAD
Pinball Mode--------------------TILTY
Powerup Cancellificationisizer--OYPOWERUPNO
Solid Granite Car---------------BIGTWAT
Stupid Pedestrians--------------LEMMINGIZE
Suicidal Pedestrians------------TAKEMETAKEME
Time Bonus----------------------TIMMYTITTY
Timer Toggle--------------------STOPSNATCH
Turbo Peds----------------------FASTBAST
Underwater Ability--------------WATERSPORT
Wall Climber--------------------STICKYTYRES

If you want to play with 100,000,000,000 credits, then all you have to do is change one line in the GENERAL.TXT (which is in the DATA folder), which reads, "// Starting money for each skill level" (look closely, its hard to find) to 100000000000,1000000000000,1000000000000.

Powerups at the touch of a key

When at a complete stop (as above cheat) type "lapmylovepump" (no quotes, no joke). The screen should show "EDIT MODE: CHEAT". If not, press F4 a few times until it does. Now every one of the number keys will activate a powerup. As well as the numbers 1-9, you can try Alt+1-9, Shft+1-9, Ctrl+1-9, Alt+Shft+1-9, Alt+Ctrl+1-9, Shft+Ctrl+1-9, and finally Ctrl+Shft+Alt+1-9. Every powerup in the game is in there, but there are too many to write down here. But who cares, it's fun to experiment!

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