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Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [F10], then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Effect - Cheat Code
Invincibility - iworkforgod
Invisibility - nod3d
Crossbow - mediumrare
Shotgun - bigstickofdeath
Tommygun - meetmypaltommy
Elephant gun - smileynomore
Flamethrower - burnyourassoff
Dynamite - goodtimesman
All weapons - getintomybelly
100 bullets - iamawimpforthis
Silver bullets - wwbeware
Lith bullets - vampbeware
Mercy bullets - demonbeware
Flaming ammunition - flameonastick
Charge radiance emitter - sunofgod
Recharge flashlight battery - recharge
Night vision goggles - icansee
Gas mask - thedogfarted
Full health - givemefaith
Disable enemy AI - hellfreezeover
Easy combat - combatisscary
Easy difficulty - isuck
Easy puzzles - puzzlesarescary
Hard difficulty - irule
Dismemberment mode - gibnplenty
Big head mode - bighead
Terminator 2 skin texture - t2000
Weather is raining - thunderstorm
Weather is snowing - snowstorm
Slow down or speed up time - time
Black, hot pink, and gray objects - blank
Darker graphics - dark
Darker color scheme - itisdarknow
Crash game - instantcrash
Unknown - goneawhile
Unknown - raise
Unknown - nukefart
Unknown - oldhat
Unknown - step

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