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Cheat Codes

Open the BladeScripts folder, and locate the file called "menu.py". Make a back up of this file (save it to another folder, or copy and rename it somewhere). Now open the file with a text editor (Notepad.exe or wordpad.exe), and add the following lines at the very end of the file:

import cheats

Save and close the file. When you next load a game, cheats should be activated. When the cheats have been activated as above, press any of the below keys to activate a cheat:

Key code - Granted Wish

[F10] Toggle invincibility
F5] Move camera left
[F6] Move camera right
P Change MOV
H Sleepy Hollow
M Mutational
X Matrix
[F9] Level skip
[F8] Level up
1 Small sword
2 Big sword
3 Big shield
4 Small shield
G Create lightsabre
K Start lightsabre

Note: There may be a bug with the cheats. If you save your game in certain areas, you will not be able to activate any cheat codes when you next load from that saved game. A known workaround is to activate all the codes that you want to use BEFORE saving the game.

Edit Character Stats

You can edit the chardata.py file in your "stats" game folder to alter the stats of your character. Make a backup before editing.

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