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Various Cheats

Hold Shift + Alt and enter any of the following "Codes":

tebuffy = God Mode
tedontdie = Full Map
tenerd = Satellite View
tedeadite = Unlimited Ammo
terat = Unlimited Scrap


For all codes, hold [CTRL] and [~] to bring down the console, then type:

game.cheat bzbodyUnlimited Shields
game.cheat bzfreeUnlimited Pilots and Resources
game.cheat bzradarFull Map
game.cheat bztntUnlimited Ammo
game.cheat bzviewComsat Link without having to Power or Build One

Win Mission

Hold [Ctrl + ~] to bring down console then type [AI.WINMISSION]

Skip To Mission 14 as ISDF

Start a new game and enter your name as 'play isdf'.

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