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Better on your Birthday

A player will receive a ratings boost on their birthday. Look at player cards to determine when birthdays take place.

Get Mr. Clanky

To get Mr. Clanky hold (shift) and click on him in the trophy case. Note: This only works in exhibition mode.

Win All Levels

Put the ball out of bounds, then press Shift + Enter + Tab.

English Pablo Sanchez

Go to Pablo Sanchez's player card, hold down the shift button, the Pablo will say "My Spanish is getting better, huh" not in Spanish but English. He will say the same thing every time you do this cheat.

Better performance

When a player is in a game on his or her birthday, they will have better performance. You can learn their birthdays by looking at their cards.

Twins play better when they are on the same team (Ashley and Sidney Webber, and Achmed and Amir Khan). However, Tony and Angela Delvecchio play better when facing against each other.

Maria plays better when wearing a pink uniform.

Younger versions of professional players will play better when on their real MLS team.

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