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Enable Cheats

During gameplay, press [Backspace] and type '!throw me a frickin bone here' to enable the following cheats.

During the game, press [Backspace], then enter any of the following codes.

Display FPS

To show your frame rate, enable cheats and type '!rate me'.

Enemy Cheats

Enable cheats and type one of the following codes to affect your enemies:

Enemy troops are zombies = !halloween

Reveal enemies on map = !there is no spoon

Freeze enemies = !oh behave

Extra Ammo and Attacks

Enable cheats and then type one of the following codes to gain extra ammo or attacks:

10 TNT = !haunt haunt haunt

20 Fly Swatters = !harsh language

30 Mines = !sprinkles

3 Air Attacks = !heavenly glory

3 Baseballs = !one time...

3 Napalm Air Strikes = !this one goes to eleven

Bug Spray = !henry

Hammer Mines = !spiny norman

Heavy laser = !hello neo

Laser upgrade for your primary weapon = !mib

Extra Soldiers

Enable cheats and type one of the following codes to receive...

3 Paratroopers = !johnny ricco

3 Recons = !peep show

3 space trooper reinforcements = !scotty

God Mode

To enter God Mode, enable cheats and type '!captain scarlet'


To become invincible, enable cheats and type '!full monty'


To become invisible, enable cheats and type '!its dark'.

Note: Once you kill or hurt one of the enemies you will be visible again.

More Disguises

Enable cheats and type one of the following codes to get extra disguises.

9 Blue Disguises = !i woke up this morning

9 Gray Disguises = !incognito

9 Tan Disguises = !no sunblock

Random Item

Enable cheats and type '!mona lisa' to get a random item.

Sarge Cheats

Enable cheats and enter one of the following codes to affect Sarge:

Drop Sarge's health to almost 0 = !let me down

Large explosion around Sarge = !italian job

Sarge has a flak-jacket = !whistle and flute

Sarge has a force field = !stay frosty

Sarge is on fire but doesn?t take damage = !disco inferno

Extinguish Sarge = !disco is dead


Enable cheats and type '!door' to teleport.

Unlimited Goodies

To get unlimited goodies, enable cheats and type one of the following codes:

Unlimited Air Attack = !roody-pooh

Unlimited Areosol = !hey dante

Unlimited Bazooka = !i like to keep this handy

Unlimited Flame Thrower = !patty melt

Unlimited Glue = !hey stifler

Unlimited Grenades = !you want some

Unlimited Health = !florence

Unlimited M-80's = !penny

Unlimited Magnifying Glass = !the sun

Unlimited Mine Sweeper = !i got two words for ya...

Unlimited Napalm = !here's a lockpick...

Unlimited Sniper Rifle = !yippee!!!

Walk Faster

Enable cheats and type '!pump me up' to walk faster.

Win/Lose Cheats

Enable cheats and type one of the following codes to affect the outcome of your game:

Win scenerio = !cut to the chase

Lose scenario 1 = !the meek

Lose Scenario 2 = !time for bed

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