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Alternate ending sequence

Collect all twenty blue gems to view a congratulations screen after the ending FMV sequence.

Defeating spiders and snakes

To kill spiders and snakes quicker, use the downward jab.

Defeating mummies

To kill the mummies in the pyramids, throw four flaming swords at them.

Defeating minatour guards

To kill the minatour guards found in the pyramids, throw four flaming swords at them, then hit them with your sword.

Defeatin minatour warriors

To kill the minatour warriors found in the pyramids, attack them when they start walking around you.

Defeating Bow Warriors

To kill the Bow Warriors found in Agrabah, hit them when they start spinning their bow.

Defeating Spinners

To kill the Spinners found in Oasis, hit them when they put their swords by their sides.

Blue gems

To get blue gems, Find the three red gems in any level. Then, win the bonus game at the end of the level and the Genie will reward you with a blue gem.

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