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Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press ENTER, then press ENTER again after you have entered the desired code:
BIG BERTHA-heavy catapults are stronger
COINAGE-gain 1000 gold
DARK RAIN-composite bowman turn into trees
DIEDIEDIE-all opponents die
E=MC2 TROOPER- creates a super trooper
FLYING DUTCHMAN-catapult ships can go on land
GAIA-lets you control the animals, not your men
GRANTLINKSPENCE-turns animals into animal kings
HARI KARI-commit suicide
HOMERUN-win the current scenario
HOYOHOYO-priests are stronger and faster
ICBM-ballistas get 100 range points
JACK BE NIMBLE-catapults shoot strange objects
KILLX-kill player X
NO FOG-removes fog of war
PEPPERONI PIZZA-gain 1000 food
QUARRY-gain 1000 stone
RESIGN-you resign
REVEAL MAP-reveals the whole map
STEROIDS-buildings and people are created instantly
WOODSTOCK-gain 1000 wood


Press enter. Then type in UPSIDFLINTMOBILE. Your chariot archers will go super fast and fire very fast.

Just type in these codes in the chat window:

king arthur - changes birds into dragons (999 HP)
grantlinkspence -Turns animals into Animal Kings.
pow big mamma - new unit: BabyPrez (Baby on trike) (500 HP, 50 str, 10 arm, 15 rng)
convert this! - new priest unit ("Saint Francis"), who kills his enemies by lightning (25 HP, 200 str, 0 arm, 10 rng)
stormbilly - get a sci-fi robot ("Zug 209") (100 HP, 20 str, 10 arm, 15 rng)


Press "enter" type in the cheat and press"enter" again
Pow- All you need for "Baby Prez"
Big Momma- Gives you a white Winzette's Z. A Z-28 with a rocket launcher.
Big Daddy- Black version of the above.
Photonman- Gives you a laser trooper with 100 h.p.
Blackrider- Changes heavy horse archers to Black riders.
Medusa- changes villagers to medusa's
Steroids- Greatly speeds up all villagers, enemy included.

Various Codes

Press Enter and write the following cheats then press enter again:

New priest unit convert this!
Car with a missile launcher big momma
Baby on a tricycle with a super-gun pow
Combat robot stormbilly
Turns eagles into a 999 hp dragons king arthur
Animals kill with one bite grantlinkspence
Instant building steroids
Win scenario home run
Everyone dies diediedie
Resign game resign
Full map reveal map
1000 food pepperoni pizza
1000 gold coinage
1000 wood woodstock
1000 stone quarry
Remove Fog of War no fog
Transform villagers [Note 1] medusa
Laser gunner [Note 2] photon man
Animal control gaia
Juggernauts may move on land flying dutchman
Kill player kill[player's position 1-8]
Rocket launcher car bigdaddy
Increased catapult range and effect big bertha
Priest 600 hit points, speed 6 hoyohoyo
Increased ballista range icbm
Catapults fire peasants [Note 3] jack be nimble
Nuclear missile trooper e=mc2 trooper
Commit suicide hari kari

Note 1: After enabling this code, move one of the villagers into an opponent. He or she will transform into a Black Rider after death. The Black Rider will transform into a Heavy Catapult after it dies.

Note 2: Enable this code after establishing your Empire and clicking on the center of a town.

Note 3: Enable this code after a catapult is selected

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