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Big Ship

To have a bigger, fatter ship, enter !B1GH34D! as a password.

Blue Ship

To have a blue ship, enter !SH1P2! as a password.

Display Debug Information

To see the processor usage, enter !L04D! as a password.
To see the number of objects on the screen, enter !0BJS! as a password.

Finished Game Password

Enter the password 4RC8! for a finished game. Arcade and Challenge Mode will now be unlocked as well.

Password List

Enter one of the following passwords to be taken to that level:

Level 2: 9PTBY
Level 3: TYHLY
Level 4: 9VDBW
Level 5: SLZGW
Level 6: TDZQ4
Level 7: 5M!H6
Level 8: N59G6
Level 9: 558GY
Level 10: 54!H4
Level 11: PCGZW
Level 12: NPH74
Level 13: 9GF46
Level 14: SOL46
Level 15: 9!H84

Rotating Drones

To make the drones revolve around the ship, enter !R0T8! as a password.

Show Locations of Secrets

To see the locations of all secrets in arcade mode, enter !S3CR3TS! as a password.

Smaller Ship

To have a smaller ship, enter !M1CR0! as a password.

Unlock Jukebox

To unlock the Jukebox, enter this password: CH4LL.

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