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Delete saved data

Push Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right in the title screen.

Gallery Corner Museum

You will need 60 Stars to unlock the nine titles for display only (not gameplay). They are, in order of appearance - Manhole, Tropical Fish, Mario's Bombs Away, Parachute, Bombsweeper, Climber, Safebuster, Lifeboat, Zelda.

Five extra games

As you gain more Stars, you can unlock Chef, Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Octopus, and Fire Attack (in that order) for classic and modern game play.

Star features

The more stars you gain, the more features you will unlock. Note - Museum games are classic play only. You do not earn any Stars for the games in the museum.

5 - Chef
10 - Manhole (View only)
15 - Tropical Fish (View)
20 - Mario Bros.
25 - Mario's Bombs Away (View)
30 - Parachute (View)
35 - Donkey Kong
40 - Bombsweeper (View)
45 - Climber (View)
50 - Octopus
55 - Lifeboat (View)
60 - Zelda (View)
65 - Fire Attack
70 - G&W History (Gallery Corner Feature)
80 - Manhole (Classic Play)
90 - Tropical Fish (Play)
100 - Mario's Bombs Away (Play)
110 - Parachute (Play)
120 - Bombsweeper (Play)
130 - Climber (Play)
140 - Safebuster (Play)
150 - Lifeboat (Play)
160 - Zelda (Play)

More difficult star mode

By getting 1,000 points in modern mode you can unlock the more difficult star mode.

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