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Get Gogeta

Collect all Z Exhibits and all Hercule Exhibits.

Baba's ball

Finish the game and then talk to Baba, on Yenma's office.

Gohan's training sword

On Goku's house, go to the toybox and search it for this item.

Ox King's hat

Talk to King Ox in Goku's house.

Ginyu's Capsule

Talk to a scientist in the left side of the main building of Capsule Corp.

Android #20's Hat

After killing Kid Buu, return to the train. On the place where people usually were, you will find 2 enemies. Defeat them for this box.

Broly's Crown

Defeat Broly at the volcano.

Yajirobe's Sword

Walk around Yajirobe counter-clockwise three times and he will drop an item near Babidi's Spaceship. It is the artifact Yajirobe's Sword.

Yamcha's Bat

Get to East District 439 and smash Gohan's level 140 door, then recieve it in a chest.

King Kai's Hammer

Go to the Cave of the Ancients on Grand Kai's Planet after completing the Other World Tournament and talk to Bubbles.

Grand Kai's Boombox

Speak to Grand Kai on Grand Kai's planet after you defeat Kid Buu.

Mr. Popo's Turban

There is an invisible chest in front of four trees on Kami's Lookout. Check between the middle two.

Korin's Cane

You will receive the Z-Fighter exhibit Korin's Cane from Korin himself after you give him red snapper fishes.

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