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Random Select

At the character select screen, hold up and press start.


Found in a chest H-4 Netherrealm.


Open Koffin SR with 2252 Gold Koins.

Bo Rai Cho

Open Koffin IB with 2086 Onyx Koins.


D8 Chaosrealm inside a hut around 10:20P.M.


F-8 in Outworld, in the shack near the ocean/cliff.


Found in a chest A-8 Netherrealm.


Open Koffin CN with 1114 Onyx Koins.


Open Koffin QT with 1064 Ruby Koins.


Found in a chest G-4 Outworld.


Found in a chest B-1 Chaosrealm (Fight Kabal).


A-6 Earthrealm after 11 AM.


Open Koffin SG with 990 Sapphire Koins.


Defeat Kobra on the beach in Earthrealm.

Li Mei

A-5 Orderrealm (Fight Li Mei).

Lui Kang

Found in a treasure chest at point H-5 on the first day of any month at 12-1 pm.


Found in a treasure chest at point F-7 in earthrealm after 7pm behind a tent.


Found in a chest A-4 Netherrealm.

Noob - Smoke

Open Koffin EJ with 1494 Platinum Koins.


Found in a chest F-3 Edenia (Fight Raiden).


Found in a treasure chest in the first city in Konquest.


Found in a chest F-1 Edenia.


Found in a chest H-6 Outworld.


Found in a chest F-8 Earthrealm.


Found in a chest C-2 Outworld (Fight Tanya).

Shujinko Moves

After completing Konquest mode, Shujinko can acquire new fighting moves. The moves appear as floating Ying-Yang symbols.

Move - How to get Move

Bike Kicks C- haos Realm, G-4, Sunday at 2 AM (In front of house door)
Fatality 1 - Outworld, C-8 (Inside cave)
Fatality 2 - Order Realm, D-4, (Infront of building)
Flaming Fist - Edenia, G-6 (Behind Building)
Flip Scissor Kick - Order Realm, E-1 (Middle of walkway)
Flying Jinko - Edenia, E-5, 9 PM (Middle of walkway)
Hara Kiri - Earthrealm, A-8, 16th of every month at 12 AM (Inside Cave)
Icy Breeze - Order Realm, F-5 (Inside Building)
Opponent Slam - Edenia, C-8, Wednesday at 5 PM (Left of waterfall)
Slide - Edenia, D-8, Monday 2-4 AM (Behind house)
Throw Spear - Edenia, A-1 (Fight Scorpion)

Get Beetle Lair

Found in a treasure chest at point A-6 in Earthrealm after finishing Konquest.

Get Courtyard

Treasure chest in netherrealm (Area A-1).

Get Dead Pool

Open Koffin JI with 2191 Ruby Koins.

Get Dragon King

In chaos realm at 4am on a Sunday check one of the huts at D-7.

Get Dragon Mountain

Open Koffin OO with 452 Platinum Koins.

Get Golden Desert

Treasure chest in neatherrealm (area E-2).

Get Kuatan Palace

Found in a treasure chest at point A-4 in Orderrealm.

Get Liu Kang's Tomb

At the end of the bridge in earthrealm after fighting Jax (Area H-6).

Get Living Forest

Open Koffin DS with 1694 Sapphire Koins.

Get Nexus

Treasure chest in choasrealm (Area A-4).

Get Portal

Treasure chest in earthrealm (area G-5).

Get Quan Chi's Fortress

Found in a treasure chest at point H-5 in Orderrealm.

Get Shang Tsung's Courtyard

Found in a treasure chest at point A-1 in Neatherrealm.

Get Havik

Found in a treasure chest on map H-4 In Choasrealm in Konquest (check the houses).

Get Hotaru

Found in a treasure chest at point H-1 in Orderealm after 4AM.

Get Jade

Open Koffin OI using 2,417 Jade Koins in Krypt.

Get Kenshi

Found in a treasure chest on map C-3 In Earthrealm in Konquest.

Get Kira

Found in a treasure chest at point H-2 in Earthrealm between 7-9pm.

Get Li Mei

Find her in a house in outworld (Area F-7).

Get Lui Kang

Found in a treasure chest at point G-8 in Edenia at 12AM Friday Morning behind the tent (after finshing konquest mode).

Get Noob - Smoke

Open Koffin DM using 3,642 Onyx Koins in Krypt.

Get Raiden

Defeat Him at Point E-3 in Orderrealm (after finishing konquest mode.

Get Shujinko

Finish Konquest Mode.

Get Sindel

Found in a treasure chest at point D-1 in Netherrealm (1-4 am).

Get Tanya Find

Treasure Chest on map A-3 In Outworld.

Get Bo' Rai Cho

Open Koffin ND - Key from Chest in Earthrealm at C6.

Get Jade

Open Koffin GO - 2,911 Ruby Coins.

Get Kabal

Open Koffin MI - 2,425 Platinum Coins.

Get Kenshi

Open Koffin TR - Key from Chest in Earthrealm at G4.

Get Mileena

Open Koffin GM - Key from Chest in Netherrealm at C6.

Get Raiden

Open Koffin PP - 3,604 Gold Coins.

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