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Shoot Faster

Get out your ranged weapon, press and hold Y, R, and A at the same time, and then you should fire faster.

Unlock Four-Hit Combo For Aragorn

Pause the game and hold both triggers. Then press UP, B, Y, DOWN.

Unlock Secret Characters

Beat the game to unlock Pippen, Merry and Faramir.

End Bonuses

Beat the game to unlock the following:

Palantir of Saruman
Billy Boyd interview
Dom Monaghan interview
Andy Serkis interview
David Menham interview

Unlock Gandalf's Level 4 Abilities

Press START and hold the L and R buttons. Then press Y, UP, B, A. This should unlock them. You will know it worked if you hear a metal "clank" sound.

Various Codes

Pause, then hold L and R as you enter the code. The three- and four-hit combos won't become available until your characters achieve the required levels. For example, Aragorn must be at level 4 or higher to unleash the three-hit Balrog's Gambit combo.


B, Down, X, Up Unlock all Three-Hit Combos for Aragorn
Down, Y, Up, X Unlock all Four-Hit Combos for Gandalf
Down, Y, Up, Down Give Frodo 1,000 Experience Points
A, X, Down, B Raise Gimli to Level 8
Y, Y, Y, Down Replenish Legolas's Arrows
A, Down, Down, A Unlock Merry
A, A, Y, Y Unlock Faramir
Y, X, B, Down Unlock Pippin
A, A, X, A Replenish Sam's Throwing Daggers

Level up without fighting

When you enter a mission press start and hold L+R and press B, A, X, Y and u will get an extra level up. Note:You can only do this with one character so choose wisely!

Unlock palantir of Saruman

Complete the Crack of doom to unlock palantir of Saruman.

4 levels or over

After completing the crack of doom, pick the southern gate. Press start, hold L + R, enter B, X, B, Up. Then, enter X, Down, Y, A. You will be in perfect mode with infinity health. Beat ALL the enemies and beat the level. You will grow 4 levels or over(having all perfects).

Note: You do not have to enter the code B, X, B, Up but you will not have infinity health if you do not type it in.

A cool glitch

To do this, you must have got fire ammo with gandalf. Then do minas tiruth courtyard with gandalf. Then when you almost got 150 people, keep shooting. Then beasts will come out and gandalf will go up to them and his stick will be on fire!

Defeat Gorbag

In the level cirith angol at the end you will have to fight gorbag. Then don't run up to him. Run to the spears and press z to pick them up and throw it at his sheild. Then throw another at him to make him dizzy. Then instead of throwing another at him run up to him and hit him. When he falls down, quickly stab him (R). He will get up for another sheild. Repeat this to beat gorbag.

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