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Get Seoul Stadium

Win the International Cup.

Win a stadium

All you have to do is win the championship club with a club and you will get a new stadium.

Action Replay Codes

Player 1: 99, Opposition: 0
3 N9GQ-7UF8-8NQ34
4 TEX6-Q8Z4-YFV68
7 5UD5-VUNY-U84Q8

Reset Timer (Press R+Z)
2 Z487-JUK1-E9VVM

End The Half (Press L+Z)
1 BN66-KCKW-684VK

Unlock Stade de France stadium

Beat the Club Championship.

Unlock Yokohama Stadium

Win ECC trophy.

Unbeatable challenge

Win the World Tour tournament.

Easy goals

When you start a match, change controls to the other team and hold Keeper Rush for the goalkeeper to rush out and get the ball. Pause game play while still holding Keeper Rush and change back to your side. The other goal keeper should keep rushing out and slide tacking you. Shoot from halfway and you should get a goal. Also for laughs, sometimes the goalkeeper grabs the ball meters from the box and nothing happens.

When you get a corner kick, aim it to the teammate nearest to the goal post (For example, a right corner, the person on the right goal post), then press Maximum Pass to him. When the ball gets to him, aim the shot pressing Up or Down then
press Shoot. You will get an easy goal from the corner every time. The shooter must have a shot and accuracy ability that is high; the person should play on the right midfield when you are playing 4-4-3 (For example, use Zidane - Real Madrid).

In a corner, just pass the ball. A player will get the ball and kick it. Before he kicks it, move him near the goal. There is a good chance that he will score a goal.

When you have a throw-in near your opponent's goal, throw the ball as near as you can to the goal. As soon as your player gets the ball, he will kick it. Before he kicks it, move him near the goal. There is a good chance that he will score a goal.

Control the team that you are facing, and in the settings change the skill level to "World Class". Then, play as normal. Your team (the original one) will play much better.

When you have any player with a shooting rating of 7 to 10, try to aim to the sides like the bottom left corner or right top corner, etc. You will have a greater chance of scoring. Also, try to be in the middle of the field tfor easier aiming.

When you want to score from far away, try to run a few yards before you shoot to give more power to your shot. Or, try to pass the ball to a player. Shoot immediately when he gets the ball (do not let him stop the ball). Shoot it how it comes to you, but it does not guarantee a goal.

At kick off, sprint to the rim of the senator circle. Shoot with full power and it may go in. Note: This is difficult to do.

Always score on free kicks

If you have a long range free kick (if the aiming circle is on the grass and not aiming at the goal face), aim just inside one of the posts. Double tap Shoot as close to the green as possible. It will always fly in along the floor. It is not difficult
to get a free kick that far out. When you have a free kick, first aim for the top right/left hand corner of the goal, depending on the goalies side. If the goalie is on the right side, aim for the left and vice versa. Then, add ballspin near the diagonal bottom left/right (but not totally at the bottom right/left; put it diagonally up from it), depending on what side of the pitch you are at and where the wall is located. Then, try to get it in the green area. If done correctly, you will score. This works for a free kick over 30 yards out and at a straight angle. For a free kick under 30 yards or at a diagonal angle, aim for the top corner, but this time chip it by putting ballspin near the bottom. Then, try to get it in the green. Note: You may hit the wall if you do not get it near enough to the bottom. If you are finding it difficult to get it in the green, then use a player with a higher overall stat. The higher the overall stat, the slower the needle moves, thus making it easier to get it in the green. Try players such as Matteo Brighi (97) and Roberto Carlos (91). However, for some reason this does not work with Edgar Davids (94).

Easy victories

First, win a couple of matches in season or tournament mode. Save the game, then see what your next match is. Select "Simulate". If you lose that match, exit the mode and reload your game. With every win, save the game. This will ensure
that you finish first.

Running moves

When running down the field with one of your forwards, press the C-stick Down and C-stick Up. The player will either meg, stutter step and push the ball to the left; or the player will pull a step over.

Overall ratings

Although you usually pay attention to overalls, as long as your player has good shooting, running, or fitness, he is usually very good. Note: nine and eight shooters are actually also good.

Custom scoring poses

The following players have the corresponding custom scoring pose:

Elber: Clinches his fist
Van Der Vaart: Punches the air
Steven Gerard: Runs and slides on the ground
Raul: Kisses His ring
Zidane: Run likes Superman
Ronaldo: Little air plane
Beckham: Open two hands like God
Van Nistelrooy: Showing off
Henry: Pretending to be weak
Pires: Shhh!
Kluivert: Choo choo train
Roberto Carlos: Samba baby
Ole Gunnar Solsjaer: Appreciates the crowd

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