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Play as Max in the battle games

Get all the lightning cards.

Standered Battle

To beat the player (or Computer) you want to beat quickly, go to all the steps you need to do before you play. When you get to the Stage Selection screen, Press "L" to bring up the Item Setup. Next go down to the Vest and put that (9) and the bomb with the heart on it and put that nine. Now, When you play the game, Get the bomb with the heart on it, then get the vest. go very close to the player you want to kill, (be sure you check if you have the vest on. it's colorful) then keep pressing "A B" very fast. you won't hit yourself, but you will kill them less then 7 seconds. (It's funner if yo put handicap on with all 5 lives.

Death Bomb (Multiplayer)

In Multiplayer Mode, start a Standard Battle(this trick requires 2 humans to do). First, make both players lay a bomb, then kick the bombs into each other. After that, it will create a Death Bomb.

Mini Game

Beat level 4-3 to unlock mini game as a main menu option.

Group A/B option

Complete Normal mode, to unlock this option for Battle mode, which modifies what power-ups you can use.

Golden Bomber in Battle Mode

Win a game, then play the same game again without changing any options, to play as the Golden Bomber.

Unlock Options in Battle Mode

To unlock a new set of options, beat Normal Mode once. At the Battle Mode stage select screen, Group A (standard power-ups) and Group B (special power-ups) options will appear.

Play as Max in Battle Mode

Once you earn all Lightning Cards in Normal Mode, go to the character select screenin Battle Mode. Press Z to play as Max (instead of Bomberman).

Change View

In battle game mode when the word "ready" appears on the screen change the camera angle with the C button.

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