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Castle Mendheim: Super Health

After you get the Nuke from this level, head back to the stop where you ran over the "Castle" billboard sign next to the tree. Head east and destroy any opposition. Stop when you get to the T intersection. Head south, to the right. Go straight while continuing to fire. Drive directly into the wall to discover a Super Health.

Castle Mendheim: Double Secret power-up

Detonate the Nuke in the big open area and look around to find a "Double Secret" power-up. Use this to blast away your opponents in the rest of the level. Combine this enhancement with some Magnum for easy one shot kill destruction. You may need to refill Magnum to keep this up, but you can get an unlimited supply. The number of shots needed to exterminate enemies varies based on the difficulty selected and the tank strength, which is determined in the team alignment screen.

Cape Canaveral: Power-ups

When you start, go right. You will find a Gun Buddies power-up in the string of buildings all the way at the other end, next to the large satellite dish. The Super Main Gun power-up can be found to the right of the shuttle building, where the space shuttles are built. This building can be found outside the perimeter. It is very big. The power-up is in the playing field.

Detroit: Hidden Nuke

When you start (facing north), fire directly ahead to destroy the building. Go just slightly past the building you just destroyed, then turn right. Clear out all the buildings to reveal a Nuke.

Detroit: Double Secret power-ups

Use the nuke to clear out a section in the west. To do this, turn around after finding the nuke, head west, drop the nuke, and get out of there. When detonated, this will reveal a "Double Secret" pick-up. Pick it up to get super speed, then head south. You will see a Gun Buddies power-up. Use this to your advantage. Directly behind this power-up is a secret room. Enter the room to collect another "Double Secret" power-up.

Fort Knox: Power-ups

You will find two pairs of Gun Buddies, Guided Missiles, Radar power-ups, and some Magnum.

Level passwords

Use the following steps to create your own password. First, select the base password for the desired level.

Level Password

Cape Canaveral _BB_BCBBB
Ginza* _BB_BDBBB
Sicily* _BB_BDBBB
Detroit _BB_BFBBB
Greece _BB_BGBBB
Monaco _BB_BHBBB
Red Square _BB_BJBBB
St. Petersburg _BB_BKBBB
Castle Mendheim* _BB_BMBBB
Atlantis* _BB_BMBBB

The first blank "_" is used for the difficulty setting, except for the cities marked with an asterisk "*", which is explained below. The second blank "_" determines the tank to be used, from the following values.

Easy Normal Hard

B* D* G* Ginza
V* X* Z* Sicily
X* Z* C* Castle Mendheim
R* T* W* Atlantis

Tank Letter

M1A3 V or B
FLP-E W or C
Rhino X or D
Titan Y or F
Marauder Z or G
Dragon fly H
Wraith J
Manticore K
Scorcher L

For example, to play on the Atlantis level under the hard difficulty setting with the Rhino, enter WBBFBMBBB as a password. To play under the same level and difficulty with the Wraith, enter WBBJBMBBB as a password.

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