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All wrestlers

Enter "PLYHDNGYS" as a code at the PPV codes screen to unlock all bonus wrestlers.

Wrestle as Sonny Onoo

Win the TV title with Ernest "The Cat" Miller in "Quest For The Best" mode.

Quest For The Best Mode

Enter " CHT4DBST" as a code on the ppv code screen.

Classic TNT Nitro Set

Enter "PLYNTRCLSC" as a code on the ppv code screen.

Play As Same Wrestlers

Enter "DPLGNGRS" on the ppv screen as a password.

All Backrooms

Enter "CBCKRMS" on the ppv password screen.

Super Created Wrestlers

Select Pay-Per-View Password then type in this code "MKSPRCWS".

Transformed Wrestlers

Enter NGGDYNLN as a Pay-Per-View password. This will unlock Jobber Kidman, Jobber Alex Wright, Kid Wrath and Kid Stevie Ray.

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