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Cheat Passwords

Choose "Options" from the main menu, then select "Game Status," press O to call up the passcode menu, then enter any of the following cheat codes:
WMNNWLHTSCUCLH-Unlock all secret characters and levels
MONSTER_WHEELS-Wheels are double size
SAME_CHARACTER-In two-player mode, both characters can use the same vehicle
GO_SIGHTSEEING-No enimies in Arcade mode
HARDEST_OF_ALL-More difficult enimies
DEADLY_MISSLE-Enimies start with secondary weapons


Get extra weapons and vehicles when you do a 360 with the vehicle you have.


Enter these codes at the password screen:
Monster Wheels-big wheels
I will not die-invincibility
Deadly missles-homings are more powerful
wmnnwlhtscuclh-all characters and stages
Hardest of all-Hi octane
Go sightseeing-no enemies
Reduce gravity-low gravity
See all movies-see all movies

All Cars ( except UFO )

In the cheat menu type in: GANGS_UNLOCKED.

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