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When the Infogramme Logo appears press Up, Down, Triangle, Circle, Up, Down, Triangle and Circle. The word "lockoff" will appear. Once you have done this, input the following codes:

R1 + R2 - Unlimited Time. L1 + L2 - Narrow Tracks. L1 + R2 - Infinite Continues on Arcade Mode. L1 + L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 - All of the above L1, R1 - Debug Mode. L1 + R1 - Jeep.

To get the Toyota Celica, complete the Arcade and Championship Modes on Ace level. Race Corsica on Time Attack Mode and get a lap time of under one minute. You should now see that the barrier that was on the left is gone, revealing a road. Take that road to collect the Celica.

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