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More Points

During flight, hold Circle and release before hitting the ground.

All Practice Mode Levels

Pause gameplay, hold L1 and press Square, Up, Left, Up, Circle, Triangle. Quit the level you are currently playing and return to the menu.

Big Head Mode

Pause gameplay, hold L1 and press Left, Up, X, Down, Up, X. Quit the level you are currently playing and start a new game.

Half Pipe Moves

Tony Hawk - Press Left, Left, Square while on the halfpipe in the street course to do a 540 Board Varial

Bob Burnquist - Press Left, Left, Square while on the halfpipe in the street course to do a Fingerflip Airwalk.

Big Combo

On demo, when you first start, hold down x and left. Ollie into the wall and hit x to do a wallride. Do a few tricks (3 360 flips gets most points) and hit triangle.

Hold x down and do shoveits(up + square)into nose grinds(up+triangle)and impossibles(down+square) into 5-0 grinds(down+triangle.

At the end of the quarter pipe rail hit x and you should bounce off of the wall. After this you can either play it safe by doing the above tricks again until the end of the rail, or else do a heelflip into the front cornerclosest to you of the beam and grind back.

At the bottom of the screen it says (number times something) dont let it go past twenty or the game pauses. Be sure to do a grab off of it for variety you should get 127,000 points.

Do a flip

Use the Black dude. Get special mode...then whenever you go off of a ramp do a fast plant off of the ramp (hold X and press Up, Up). Once in the air push Up and hold down Circle.

Do a McTwist

Use Tony Hawk (of course). Then get special mode. once you have special mode do an air (you do not need to do a fast plant to do this trick) Once in the air push to the right twice then press the Circle. Only prob I have found is that it does not seem to register any points.

Andrew Reynolds

Backflip- Down, Up, Circle
Heelflip Bluntslide- Down, Down, Triangle
Triple Kickflip- Left, Left, Square

Bob Burnquist

One-Footed Smith Grind- Left, Left, Triangle
Backflip- Up, Down, Circle
Burntwist- Left, Up, Trinagle
Fingerflip Airwalk- Left, Left, Square

Bucky Lasek

Kickflip McTwist- Right, Right, Circle
Fingerflip Airwalk- Left, Left, Square
Varial Heelflip- Down, Up, Square

Chad Muska

Frontflip- Down, Up, Circle
One-Footed 5-0 Thumpin Grind- Left, Down, Triangle
360 Shove-It Rewind- Right, Right, Square

Ellisa Steamer

Frontflip- Down, Up, Circle
Primo Grind- Left, Left, Triangle
Judo Madonna- Left, Down, Circle

Geoff Rowley

Backflip- Up, Down, Circle
Double Hardflip- Right, Down, Square
Darkslide- Left, Right, Triangle

Jamie Thomas

Frontflip- Down, Up, Circle
One-Footed nose Grind- Up, Up, Triangle
540 Flip- Left, Down, Square

Kareem Campbell

Frontflip- Down, Up, Circle
Casper-Slide- Up, Down, Triangle
Kickflip-Underflip- Left, Right, Square

Rune Glifberg

Unknown- Up, Up, Square
Kickflip Mctwist- Right, Right, Circle
Christ Air- Left, Right, Circle
Front-back Kickflip- Up, Down, Square

Tony Hawk

360 Flip to Mute- Down, Right, Square
540 Board-Varial- Left, Left, Square
Christ Air- Left, Right, Circle
Kickflip Mctwist- Right, Right, Circle
The 900- Right, Down, Circle

Special trick meter alway full

First, pause the game, then hold L1 and press X, Triangle, Cicle, Down, Up, Right. If you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake.

Officer Dick

This isn't really a code, but if you collect all the tapes, then you will get a special character named " Officer Dick ". His moves are the Neckbreak Grind: Left, Right, Triangle. Yeeehaw Frontflip: Down, Up, Circle

If you play a career with him, and get all 3 golds in the 3 competitions, then you will get to watch a video of a bunch of old dorks trying to skate.

Special moves

Everyone has 3 special moves
All moves done on ramp or half-pipe, not kicker or walls and such.

The one the little booklet tells you

Secret Moves

Geoff Rowley - Right, Down, Square
Bucky Lasek - Down, Up, Square
Chad Muska - Right, Down, Triangle
Kareem Campbell - Up , Down, Triangle
Andrew Reynolds - Left, Left, Square
Rune Glifberg - Up, Down, Square
Jamie Thomas - Up, Up, Triangle
Elissa Steamer - Up, Down, Circle

3)Either McTwist, FrontFlip or Backflip:

McTwist - Left, Left, Cirle
BackFlip - Down, Up, Circle
FrontFlp - Up, Down, Circle
(You have to test these out per character. Each character has only 1 of the ones above)

Unlimited Specials

Go Into free skate. Pause game hold L1 and press X, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, Right. ( A shaking screen confirms correct entry).

Play as Private Carrera

Start a game in any mode with officer Dick. Hold pause and L1 and press Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up, Circle, Up, Left, Triangle. The screen will not shake. Exit the game and return to the character selection screen. Private Carrera will apear in place of Officer Dick.

Assume The Position

With Officer Dick: While on a half pipe in any level press left, left, square and hold the last left and the square until you have done a 540. You will get an upward of 4000 pts if done correctly.

Enable Cheats

Pause game. Then hold L1 and press Circle, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle to unlock all levels, tapes, FMV's, statistics and Officer Dick. (A shaking screen confirms correct entry)

13x multiplier

Pause game. Then hold L1 and press X, Square (x2), Triangle, Up, Down to have 13 points in all stats for the current skater.

Alien Tip

Go to Rosewell, New Mexico. There will be three doors. In one of the three doors, there will be a alien holding cell. In the holding cell, there will be a alien saying, "HELP ME!".

Big ol' Combo

Go to the San Fran level with Rune Gilfberg put on full special meter and go up to the top of the building where you would jump off of to get the hidden tape put on slow motion and jump off the ramp. Do a Christ Air and hold L1 so that you rotate faster your score meter should be going full speed and you'll get around 250 000 points or higher.

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