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1/2 of courage song

When the guy asks you to get him clay in the mine level get a piece of mud and go to the laundry place. There you can clean it and recieve a piece of clay. Take it back to the guy to get a pot. Then go to the house across from this one and give the guy in there that pot. He'll teach you half of the courage song.


The secret to the extremely challenging mine cart ride is to ride the curves properly. Always have Tomba leaning into the direction of the curve as he gets into it, otherwise you'll never make it through in time.

Sometimes it's better to not wear a suit at all. The Bird Suit, for instance, slows jumping down and makes precise speed-jumping very hard, so when you want to rush through an area, it's best to not be wearing it.

Talk to everyone you see at least once, because they often have important things to say; most new quests, as well as clues and items for solving them, come from talking to the various denizens of Tomba's universe.

The Ice Boomerang is great against most opponents, not just the fire beasts in the second world, but beware that frozen enemies don't stay that way for long! When you freeze a pig, be sure to jump on him and toss him before he defrosts.

To Find All Three In Kujara Ranch

Their are hiding in three places, each easy to get. The first place is on the water slide. Simply go down it. She will gev you a snow firefly, as will the other two. The second is a little harder, she is near the AP box in this area. You should have the squirrel clothes before finding her. The third is hardest. She is hiding in the top of the two holes. You must throw an enemy in the bottom hole and she wil jump out of the top one.

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