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More Secret Words

Prior to starting a race, enter the word, "FIESTA", as your name. Now all tracks are only a 1/4 mile long. Even the drag race will be shorter. Also, for super acceleration enter the word, "SPURT", and hang on!

Enable Cop Chase

Enter your name as VRSIX on the high score screen.

Gain Secret Cars

On the high score screen enter your name as NOLIFE.

All Secret Cars, and Tracks

To Unlock secret cars all you have to do is go into FULL RACE then go to COP CHASE then it will let you choose your name. Type in "RONE" to Unlock secret cars, "MTHREE" for the first half of the tracks, and "NTHREE" for the other half.

Fear Factory Video

To access the video, do the following:

-At the main screen, select Full Race
-Select Drag Race
-Win a Drag Race match
-Enter your name as AUXYRAY
-Go back to the main screen
-Select the Fear Factory Video option

If this does not work, go into the options menu, then go back to main menu and you should see FEAR FACTORY VIDEO on the bottom of the screen.

Race on Silverstone at 60?s

Win a drag race (I recommend Dodge Viper versus Plymouth Hemi Cuda) and put your name like "QUALITY" it will open the way for race in the 60?s Silverstone track.

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