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In open play or team play mode, during your opponent's approach, simultaneously press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2.Keep the buttons held and press any of the following buttons to taunt your opponent:
CHOKE:press /
LOSER:press []
YOU SUCK:press X
MISS:press O
Short game:
At the option screen select Tournament, and in the sixth slot type in the name Vllooma. Then play the Tournament. You will start in the ninth frame and both you and your opponent will have all strikes forcing you to bowl a perfect game to win.

Best Line

For the best way to score high, choose Olaf as your character, select a 16 pound reactive ball and set the skill level on journeyman. When you have to place you mark on the lane, go to the second arrow. Now look at the foul line and you will notice that is is a straight line, now move your mark slowly toward the first arrow. When the left side of the foul line bends, you know you have found your mark. The bend in the line should have the same thickness as the rest of the foul line. When the lane dries out move one more board left and the bend in the line becomes a thicker darker line. When you have placed your mark, just let the power bar go all the way to the top and then make sure you hit the accuracy meter right.

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